Is He the One? The Signs He’s Meant for Only You

Do you really like this guy, but you wonder if he’s the one for you? Have you been dating him for a while and you think he could be the one, but you’d like to be sure before you continue this relationship with him? Are you already falling in love with him, but you’re afraid he may not be the one for you?

Sometimes we can fall for a guy for all the wrong reasons. We think he’s so cute we just can’t resist. He looks at us in that really special way and our heart is just crying out to be with him. And of course there’s how we feel when we get really close to him. That physical attraction can confuse us and lead us to think he’s the one, when in fact he’s all wrong.

Here’s what you should look out for to know whether this guy is the one, or if he’s a dud.

We Both Like Blue

I once heard a young woman exclaim how the man she was dating liked blue just like she did. She thought it was a sure sign that he was the one for her.

It’s not!

These little things may make for cute conversations about what you like and don’t like, but they are not indicative of the relationship you’ll have together. Dig deeper.

On the Same Page

Sometimes you may come to find that you really do have a lot in common. You both like going to the movies, you enjoy the same sports or you’re both really into the arts. This is a good start, but it’s not really enough to sustain a relationship.

If he’s reached a point in his life where traveling is really important to him, but you’ve just settled into a new career and traveling is the last thing on your mind, you may find yourselves at odds all too often.

When one partners life journey is not in sync with the other, the relationship usually ends up divided with each partner seeking to find their own path.

Walk Together

The best indication that he’s the one is when you simply find yourself feeling good just being with him. Think of the last time you simply took a walk together or sat to gaze at the stars. Was it easy and comfortable? Did he put you at ease? Was conversation effortless and laid back?

Many couples overlook the importance of simply feeling good in each other’s company. We can get so caught up in doing fun things that let us think we’re having a fun date, but when you pull all those fun activities away, what are you left with? If it’s odd, awkward and tense, this is a sign that you’ve based the relationship on the wrong things.

When you share common interests, are on the same page in life and have an easy peacefulness that settles in easily, you can be pretty sure that he’s the one you’re meant to share your life with.